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Leaders and Innovators Forum is a platform for current and future leaders and innovators to collaborate, co-create and co-invent across plethora of domains nd verticals ranging from technology to social and from education to research. We are group of fantastic six who have joined hands purely driven by our passion and commitment to build worlds largest open platform with a value proposition for each of its members and contributors.

Mayur, Rishi, Sumit and Vinay have also co-founded worlds third largest community IoT-NCR, run as a not for profit with 7800+ members, 70+ events and more than 5000+ people benefited. Ashish comes with deep knowledge on product and project management. Mansi brings in experience of running complex technology programs in telecom and fintech . Rishi is ISB alum with deep expertise in Data Science and IoT as well Founder ThingiFy , Sumit is stupendous expert mobile architect, Mayur a serial entrepreneur with passion to networ and bring people together and founder of RidoFy and Vinay an IoT enthusiast.

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